“Io canterei d’amor”

a solo concert

Here it is my new solo program, Io canterei d’amor, love songs from the troubadours to Monteverdi, through the nuances of a universal feeling over time.

I decided on this program during the winter closures due to the Covid epidemic: I felt that there would be no escape for the musicians, so I decided to prepare a set of polyphonic songs performed alone, me with my harps, that I love and hate – okay, I said to myself, this time let’s make love wins, and this was the theme that accompanied me in the creating and studying this program.

I widened my gaze: I started from Gaucelm Faidit, singing distant from his beloved, and, through the ars nova, the frottola, the madrigal, a Claudio Monteverdi’s canzonetta, and I ended up with ballet, by Giovangiacomo Gastoldi (and which one if not L’innamorato?) – and then, to finish with a luxury encore, a love song of our days, chosen through a large poll proposed on social media at the end of 2020, the most voted within a shortlist of 70 songs.

And then I thought: in these days, how will it be possible to do a concert? Gatherings are dangerous, moving is dangerous, singing is dangerous.

So here’s my idea: love music for a couple of spectators. Not more. Sitting at a safe distance from me, meters and meters, with a mask.

In my home, in the studio or in the large attic.



I am not placing a ticket.

But it’s possibile to support my work through PayPal (following this link paypal.me/matteozenatti)

Good.  I wait for the guests:-)

Gaucelm Faidit, Lo rossignolet salvage

anonimo, Quando i oselli canta

Francesco Landini, Questa Fanciulla Amor

Johannes Ciconia, La fiamma del to amor

anonimo, Per la mya cara

Michele Pesenti, Ahimè lasso, ahimè dolente

Cipriano De Rore, Io canterei d’amor

Cosimo Bottegari, In Toledo una donzella

Claudio Monteverdi, Sì dolce è’l tormento

G. Giacomo Gastoldi, L’innamorato


Matteo Zenatti

voce e arpa salterio, arpa gotica, arpa rinascimentale




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