Godi Firenze

Italian madrigals – from Giovanni da Cascia to Paolo da Firenze

12 Agosto 2023
Wrocław, Town Hall, Principal Room, PL
Forum Musicum 2023
from 35 to 45 zł
Godi Firenze
Matteo Zenatti

The birth of polyphonic music written to texts in Italian coincides with the beginning of the period of the Trecento, i.e. the fourteenth-century proto-Renaissance. The first centres of Trecento were the cities and aristocratic courts of northern Italy, especially in Lombardy, which was susceptible to French influence.

One of the new musical genres that emerged at that time was the madrigal.

As part of this year’s Forum Musicum, its early forms will be presented by the excellent laReverdie ensemble


Claudia Caffagni – voice, lute
Livia Caffagni – voice, recorders, fiddle
Elisabetta de Mircovich – voice, rebec
Matteo Zenatti – voice, harp, tamburello

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